My takeaways from SOA and Cloud Symposium 2010

I just came back from this year’s SOA and Cloud Symposium in Berlin. First of all a big “thank you” to CKC Seminars for the extremely smooth organization of the whole event. There was not a single point I could havecomplained about – location, food, lectures, people all was fine. Since I’m more a Cloud person I enjoyed this opportunity to learn my fair share on SOA. But also the presentatations on Cloud Computing topics were awesome. My favourite top 3 presentations were:

- Matt Wood / Tech Evangelist Amazon AWS – “Ahead in the Cloud with Amazon Web Services” and “High Performance Websites in the Cloud”. Great overview on Amazons AWS offerings and recent additions like Amazons Micro Instances. Plus Matt really well combined business and tech topics, making it interesting for the whole audience.

- Stefan Tilkov / InnoQ Deutschland “RESTful HTTP: Using the Web for SOA”. Nice presentation pointing out what REST really is, how it is applied and what it is not. Definitely a must see.

- Mohamad Afshar / VP Oracle “Paas, Sweet Spot for Private Clouds & Underlying Infrastructure”. Great insight on the enterprise PaaS segment. Rules are very different there than they are in the public PaaS sector.

So what brings the future? I definitely learned that SOA is not dead (who doubted ;) ) and that Cloud adoption in Germany is still lagging behind US but it gained massive momentum this year. It seems once someone has made the first step everybody needs to jump in as well.

* CKC promised to upload the slides after the conference. I will publish an update once I’ve spotted them. In additions I will follow up with a couple of people for text interviews. Stay tuned.

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Thomas Ruland ist beim Platform as a Service Anbieter cloudControl der Mann für Zahlen und Geschäftsmodell. cloudControl entwickelt eine hochverfügbare und skalierbare Cloud Hosting Lösung für moderne Webapplikationen. Er ist Gründer aus Leidenschaft, beschäftigt sich hauptsächlich mit Business Themen und blogt nebenbei auch bei Gründerszene über das Thema Finanzen (letzter Artikel zu Mini-GmbH Gründung).
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